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e-Teknovation a spirit of innovation and the pursuit of high-quality GPS modules, GPS trackers, RfID tracker etc. Core R & D staff have an average of more than 5 years of extensive professional experience, can provide full range of wireless communication solutions for intelligent terminal.

e-Teknovation provide customers with the best mobile intelligent terminal products of the overall solution, fully support the customers, to create Win-Win business model. Our Innovation, efficiency, development of cultural ideas, and always maintain the competitiveness of core technology, to provide comprehensive services for the success of our customers to provide strong technical support.

e-Teknovation meet customer demand for a variety of product specifications, providing vehicle-mounted, portable and handheld and other series of high-quality multi-functional technology solutions. We will continue to track the latest trends in the industry, a number of new platforms in deeper research and development plan for the next generation of wireless communications products that do pre-research.

e-Teknovation was formed on the grounds of giving simple, effective solutions to GPS Tracking System. is a company that serves the needs of a new age where modern life and its pressures has driven crime and in particular theft to ever greater levels. e-Teknovation In addition to theft serious crime such as kidnapping, assaults and abduction are at a level where serious thought has to be applied to keeping people safe.

Corporate Vehicle Tracking System

Personnel tracking system

e-Teknovation’s full suite of fleet management solutions are designed to simplify your fleet operations. e-Teknovation provides a web-based solution and no additional software is required. With the help of e-Teknovation, the customer can view the current position of a single vehicle, position of an entire fleet of vehicles, route information of the vehicle over a period of time and all events that occurred during a particular trip on street level digital maps.

Our commitment to the business world and to the consumer is to provide the solution to today’s needs for Vehicle tracking, Personal tracking and Asset tracking in India as well as abroad at the cheapest possible price and provide tracking benefits to the customers by combining the following blend of features – price, performance and support.
The technology has been developed over a number of years and is now ready to deliver the most advanced tracking system with amazing accuracy to the market with the most advanced user interface .

Transportation, Freight, Logistics & Courier Companies
Educational Institutions
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

High-Value Asset Tracking


Oil & Gas Companies


Cold Storage & Reefer Trucks


Corporate Fleet Management


Government, Police & Defense


Travel & Tour Operators


Remote Generator Monitoring

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  1. School and colleges
  2. Political parties
  3. NGOs , Real state compenies
  4. Compiter Institutes
  5. Banks , Government offices
  6. Shop keepers,Hospitals
  7. Cunsultancy ,Transport Agencies
  8. Pharmasutical Shops and Pathology Labs
  9. Hotels and Restorents

Our simple but powerful rule:

"Always give people more than....
....................What they Expect to get"

e-Teknovation vision is to provide best and innovative it solution in small towns and villages of India with a very economical price.
e-Teknovation mission is to meet out the challenges faced by IT sector and seek to find feasible solutions by creating new technological innovations. We are committed to continuously compete with us.
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